Stop Motion Animation Classes In Gilbert

students taking stop motion animation classes in Gilbert

Stop Motion Animation Dates

Class Dates : Wednesdays (2:00-3:00 PM)
  • August 7-October 2
  • October 16-December 11
  • January 8-February 26
  • March 18-May 6

Ages 8+

These classes do not need to be taken consecutively.

All levels are invited to participate.

  • $150/8 week session

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation is the place to be! Students will work as a team to direct and create their very own stop motion movie. Students will write their script, build their set, film their production and create their very own sound tracks. So, pull out the popcorn and let’s watch what KeyBox kids can do as they develop skills in team building, creativity, patience and critical thinking.

You can register online for Stop Motion Animation here