Group Piano Lessons

Students taking Group Piano Lessons In Gilbert

Our Piano Lesson Format

Each group contains 2-4 students, and lessons are 60 minutes long. Those 60 minutes contain:

  • Individual warm up on the keyboard with headphones on
  • Individual instruction
  • Ensemble playing
  • Performance opportunities
  • Games
  • Activities as a group
During the individual instruction time, the teacher rotates between each student as they work on their individual pieces.

This allows the students to move at their own pace, learn how to “practice” the concepts and skills given to them by the teacher, and receive feedback and reinforcement.

“Group lessons was a good change of pace for my daughters. I think the longer instruction and more detailed feedback enabled them to have higher-quality practice sessions during the week.”

Why Group Lessons?

With group lessons…

Piano lessons become LESS of a dread and MORE enjoyable!
Students are in a lesson with their friends and peers, rather than one on one with an individual much older than them, which makes it more of a social setting. They are able to interact and develop friendships with their fellow Gilbert area students, and look forward to that time each week.
Home practice will become easier
The focus of the group lesson is to teach students HOW to practice. During the individual time at their lesson, the teacher instructs them on certain skill or concept to learn, gives them time to practice and implement that concept, and then provides feedback and further instruction. When the student leaves their lesson, practice time at home is simply review and reinforcement of the skills they’ve learned.
Students' sight reading will improve
Because they are being asked to read music that they have not practiced at home prior to their lesson, they are able to strengthen their sight reading abilities.
Students will progress through their books faster
Because students are able to move at their own pace and pass off pages in their book as soon as they show they have mastered the concept, they can pass off multiple pages at their lesson. Rather than be assigned a page, wait a week, and pass it off at their next lesson, they can move through it as quick as they learn it!
Students receive more time with the teacher
Each group lesson is 45-60 minutes rather than the typical 30 minutes for an individual private lesson. This allows the student to receive more time, and thus more instruction, from the teacher each week.